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Men's care

For many years manufacturers have been creating product lines for men, using strong packaging, manly fragrances and expeditious rituals. Gentlemen : we know! You fear being stuck in the bathroom every morning, for an hour or so, just to get ready. You prefer a simple and quick ritual offering excellent results. No time to loose!

More and more, men attribute a certain importance to wearing a distinctive fragrance. To guide your selection between the many products offered, let’s look at the formulas available.

After-shave lotion:
As stated by its name, it is applied on the face, after shaving. It acts as an antiseptic to kill bacteria at the surface of the skin and as an astringent to tighten pores and provide skin with a feeling of cool, light tingling. Its alcohol concentration is high.

Aftershave balm:

Balm is recommended as a substitute to lotion for drier skins or skin that is easily irritated by shaving. Its formula contains emollients that moisturize and soften facial skin as well as a gentle antiseptic to kill bacteria. Generally, balms contain between 2 and 5% essential oils.

Eau de Cologne:
Contains 2 to 3 times more perfume and less alcohol than after-shave lotion or balm. It is a lightly perfumed water made from a mixture of fresh essential oils. Basically, it is a body fragrance. Avoid the infamous after-shave face splash on the cheeks!

Eau de Toilette:
Is the most concentrated fragrance for men. It contains a large amount of essential oils and is worn under the line of your shave, anywhere below the neck. Don’t apply it on your face! Its strong content of essential oils will irritate your freshly shaved skin.


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