The air-chamber is a mechanism that adjusts to the metered-dose inhaler to make certain medication easier to inhale. It is recommended to use such a mechanism to inhale medication in order to optimize the deposit of the medication further into the lungs and prevent any dose loss. Several models are available with relatively similar efficacy.

In fact, when asthma is treated with a medication delivered in a metered-dose inhaler, it is recommended to use an inhalation chamber to insure treatment’s adequate and precise delivery. The principle of an inhaler is to produce liquid droplets or solid particles suspension in a gaseous environment to deposit a medication locally, in the respiratory tract. Using an air-chamber permits the impact of the inhaler spray to be slowed down, which eases the inhalation technique and significantly reduces the deposit of medication in the mouth. 

In case of asthma, medication plays the role of a fireman: it helps to extinguish the bronchial inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs and master the bronchial spasm with bronchodilators.

How to use a metered-dose inhaler with an air-chamber

  • Remove the mouth-piece cover and shake the metered-dose inhaler. 
  • Insert the metered-dose inhaler in the end section opening of the air-chamber. 
  • Exhale to empty lungs completely. 
  • Tighten your lips around the air-chamber mouth piece taking care not to obstruct it with your tongue. 
  • Shake the inhaler between each inhalation to mix the medication.
  • Press on the metered-dose inhaler to spray the medication into the air-chamber. 
  • Inhale slowly, deeply and completely. 
  • If you hear a whistling sound, you are breathing too fast; slow down. 
  • After having taken a deep breath, hold it for 10 seconds or more, if possible. 
  • Remove your mouth from the air-chamber mouth piece and exhale normally. 
  • If you need a second dose of medication, wait one minute before repeating these steps. 
  • Rinse your mouth or gargle with water after using the inhaler to prevent local thrush and hoarseness.

Taking care of your air-chamber

Always replace the cover on the chamber’s mouth-piece before storing it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it. Generally, you should wash your air-chamber at least once a week with hot soapy water and air-dry it. The air-chamber should be completely dry before using it again.

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