Is beer more fattening than wine?

It all depends on your glass. The caloric intake of an alcoholic beverage depends on its alcohol content, the amount of sugar it contains and, of course, the quantity you drink! A gram of alcohol provides 7 Kcal (calories) while a gram of carbohydrate (sugar) provides 4 Kcal. 

A 150 ml glass of standard wine with an alcohol content of 11.5% represents approximately 120 Kcal (calories). Although beer has lower alcohol content than wine - approximately 5% - it doesn't have less calories. In fact, beer contains more carbohydrates, as much as six times more than wine. A beer bottle of 340 ml represents a caloric intake of about 150 Kcal (calories). 

That is why moderation has much better taste — for safety reasons as well as for the waist line! 

Source (in French only) 

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