Essential Masks and Gloves

Be they reusable or disposable, today, masks and gloves must be part of your first aid kit. Their use is simple and effective. It is not necessary to risk your life or health to save that of somebody else. In emergency situations, it is crucial that you protect yourself from bacteria.

General Use Mask

Many situations make it a practical item around the house. For example, if you or one of the children has a cold, why not wear a mask to prevent the spreading of germs among colleagues or other family members?


You may have to help a wounded person who is bleeding. Wearing gloves is then compulsory. Then throw them away. They are not reusable.


Reanimation mask

In case of CPR, having such a mask in your first aid kit could be very useful and will protect you. 

To complete a good first aid kit, ask your pharmacist for advice. He or she will help you.

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