First Aid Kits

Any open wound must be treated. Here are a few useful tips and instructions to follow.

Cleaning The Wound

First, it is not always necessary to disinfect a wound. It may be enough to clean it with a physiologic serum (saline solution) and a syringe that will help remove any particles or with soap and water, taking care to rinse and dry gently. Abundant bleeding must be stopped before anything else. Raise the wounded limb higher than the heart and apply pressure just before the wound.

Deep wound

If the wound is deep, apply adhesive steri-strips while waiting to go to a clinic. A maximum delay of 48 hours is acceptable before suturing the wound. If the wound is not too deep, adhesive steri-strips will be enough and it is recommended to cover the wound with a protective dressing.  


Superficial Wound

If the wound is superficial, clean it carefully and apply a protective dressing only in order to keep it clean and protected.

A Useful Recipe

Physiological solution can be home-made (saline solution): 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of boiled water. This mixture can be kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours.


In case of open wounds, avoid any alcohol-based antiseptic or peroxide. These products are aggressive, painful and they slow down the wound’s healing. Avoid local application of antibiotics as it may trigger a resistance and prove ineffective. Only a physician can decide to prescribe antibiotics.  

In any case, if a wound is dirty and deep, you must go to a clinic immediately. Our orthopedic products section offers a vast array of dressings appropriate for your first-aid kit. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

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