Happy Breastfeeding

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? The answer to this question must remain strictly personal, regardless of the good intentions of those around us. 

The Facts 

Breast milk is, indisputably, superior to other forms of food, as well as adapting gradually to the infant’s growth. A baby breastfed for three month is better protected against common infections and allergies. From a practical point of view, breast milk is economical and requires no preparation. 

On the other hand, breastfeeding is not appropriate for all new moms. Some do not produce enough milk, and have to cope with an insatiate child who wants more. Others may experience pain when the baby nurses, and feel exhausted, or take medicines that could be harmful to the baby. 

When we are limited by a constraint or simply don’t want to nurse, infant formula is a very good alternative. Nowadays, infant formula is very nutritious, and is very similar to breast milk. 

The Moral of This Story? 

When breastfeeding becomes a source of frustration and worry, it is better to have a serene mother affectionately bottle-feeding a baby … with no guilt attached!


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