Hygiene and Safety in the Bathroom

As long as it is possible, intimacy and autonomy of elderly people or of people suffering from a temporary or permanent physical deficit must be preserved. It is a question of dignity. The life quality of these people can be greatly improved upon by adding a few support accessories in the bathroom. 

Poorly equipped, a bathroom becomes sometimes as dangerous as a kitchen. To make it safer, it is not necessary to rebuild it entirely. Well-thought of improvements may be enough: a non slippery floor, wall-mounted handles and bars to support oneself, a door that opens towards the outside in case of faintness. 

Body hygiene is an essential routine that greatly contributes to decrease infections due to pathogenic micro-organisms. It is also the occasion of an intimate and beneficial moment of relaxation. For many people, it is the only activity they can still perform alone. 

There is a large array of items available on the market to make the daily hygiene routine easier and safer, from the simple non slippery bathtub carpet to multiple support bars and safety seats. 

Consult our qualified personal to discover products that could ease your life or that of a person facing mobility difficulties. Moreover, the PROXIM Home Health Care Service can also help you to obtain products you need and that are not available in pharmacy.

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