Our Feet Grow During Pregnancy

It seems that the belly is not the only part of the body that grows during pregnancy! In fact, several women report on having bigger feet during and after pregnancy. In most cases, this increase in volume requires wearing shoes half a point to a point bigger than before the pregnancy.

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation looked into this matter. Among the 49 participants in the study, more than half showed an elongation of the feet ranging from 2 to 10 mm.

According to the researchers, pregnancy appears to be associated with a permanent crushing of the arch of the foot. Although the effect is more important during a first pregnancy, each subsequent pregnancy can cause an enlargement of the feet. 

In conclusion, if you want to raise a large family, it might be wise to wait a while before buying an expensive pair of shoes!   .

Segal, Neil A.; Boyer, Elizabeth R.; Teran-Yengle, Patricia; Glass, Natalie A.; Hillstrom, Howard J.; Yack, H. John, Pregnancy Leads to Lasting Changes in Foot Structure, American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 92(3):232-240, mars 2013.

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