Support Stockings

In their lifetime, one woman in two and one man in four will suffer from venal insufficiency.

Aggravating factors or factors stimulating its onset are obesitypregnancy as well as long periods in seated or standing position. To face these problems presenting various levels of severity, regular physical exercise and a healthy diet to maintain an adequate weight are remedies accessible to almost all sufferers. 

These problems are generally called lymphatic vessel disorders. In most cases, the physician will recommend wearing support or compression stockings that specifically apply pressure on the legs in order to act on surface veins and prevent their dilatation, while making blood circulation easier. 

The support stockings simply offers a type of support recommended in mild cases or to people who want to lessen the strain on their legs. The compression stocking is recommended in more severe cases. 

These stockings are offered in a variety of models and pressure levels. The number of threads printed on the package will tell you about the level of pressure provided; the higher the number, the stronger the pressure applied on the leg. Today, a cutting-edge technology in the making of this product allows for the application of a stronger pressure on ankles, a pressure that decreases gradually along the upper leg in order to facilitate blood flow. 

Your health care professional can assist you in selecting the product that suits you best.

Don’t hesitate to ask his or her advice.

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