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“To see that a patient is feeling better is my greatest reward.”
People first, always
There is no medical clinic in Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel. When Alexandre opened his pharmacy, residents made it a point to show their support to their only health care provider – and the support is mutual. “My pharmacy is small. I can take the time to consult with every patient, to advise them well, to provide a little extra help.” For Alexandre, his patients are like an extended family. “Sometimes, they just drop by to chat. I take the time, just as I would with my own family. It’s that simple."
Putting himself in his patients’ shoes
As the father of a premature baby, Alexandre is no stranger to long hospital stays, feeling worried, and dealing with medication. The birth of his child allowed him to experience firsthand what patients are going through. This has helped him develop a patient-centered approach. “When patients arrive from the hospital, I understand what they are feeling.” He is committed to accompanying each patient beyond their treatment. “I do it because I genuinely care about people. I sense I have a positive impact in their life, and that makes me feel good.”
“I am proud to be able to help people. This is why I became a pharmacist.”

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