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Pharmacist tip
When taking several medications at once, as is the case for arthritis sufferers, caution should be exercised regarding drug interactions. Your pharmacist can provide you with information and advise you of precautions to take with over-the-counter medications and natural products. He can also synchronize your prescriptions so you can pick up all your medications from the pharmacy in one visit.
Greater awareness
Having gone through a leave of absence and a separation, Émilie realized she needed to put things on hold and take stock of her life. “I had an image of my future self, but I was suddenly seeing that the goals I had set were unreachable.”
A 180-degree turn
After some time apart, Émilie and her spouse began to see each other again. The couple decided to take things one day a time, in terms of love and illness. “Our separation triggered a new personal outlook. I decided that the disease would no longer be a disruptive force in my life.”
"Today, I am at peace. My baby is coming, I feel good, and I am well supported. I couldn’t ask for more."
Pharmacist tip
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it may be necessary to change your medication. In collaboration with your doctor, your pharmacist can suggest an alternative as well as non-drug measures. Consult your pharmacist before changing your medication, as a product can be safe in one trimester but dangerous in another.

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