Pharmacist tip
For diabetics, healthy eating is vital when starting a fitness program. It is strongly recommended to reduce the intake of added sugar and to opt for a regular meal and snack plan.
From the Misti volcano to Mont Blanc
Among the 13 hikers, only 7, including Manon, reached the top of the Misti volcano. Now a trekking enthusiast, Manon recently returned from Mont Blanc.
Manon views diabetes differently now. She shares her realization: “Never underestimate one’s incredible inner strength.” She is already planning her next adventure!
"I learned how to control what I can and to accept the rest."
Pharmacist tip
There are multiple benefits of practicing sports on the overall health of persons living with diabetes. Long term, being physically active also reduces the risk of complications generally associated with diabetes. Would you like to participate in a sports challenge? Your pharmacist can help you reach your goal!

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