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Pharmacist tip
To take care of your heart, it is important for you to take your medication regularly. Do you take multiple drugs, with prescriptions renewed at different times during the month? Ask your pharmacist to synchronize your renewals. And don’t hesitate to ask him for more information on pill organization services.
The night that changed everything
One evening in February 2016, Michel wasn’t feeling well and asked Serrah to take him to the hospital. On the way there, he had a heart attack. Michel had emergency surgery to fix three blocked heart valves, including two major ones. When he thinks back on that evening, Michel mainly recalls Serrah’s courage and the fact that his son George was not at home at the time. “I would not have wanted him to see me in that state. I think he would have been afraid.”
A new beginning
Michel no longer smokes and he has reduced his alcohol consumption. And he eats healthier, too, just like the rest of his family. Today, Serrah, George and Michel have lowered their salt intake. And fish is on the dinner menu instead of red meat. Family time has also taken on a whole new meaning for Michel. “My family is the most important thing for me. My family is my life."
“Although he is still very young, my son has promised me that he will never smoke. He understands how important it is to stay healthy.”

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