Stay healthy and well during pregnancy

Pregnancy often goes hand in hand with health problems, from the mild to the not so mild. Find out how your pharmacist can give advice to relieve your discomfort and recommend medications and remedies to alleviate your symptoms.

Often experienced in the first trimester , nausea (or “morning sickness”) is just one of the inconveniences of pregnancy. Nausea can greatly reduce your quality of life and even prevent you from eating a healthy diet. Talk to your pharmacist, who can prescribe an effective and safe medication to relieve your nausea and vomiting.

You may experience other health problems during pregnancy. You may also wonder whether you can take medications to relieve a cold, heartburn, back pain or hemorrhoids. Again, your pharmacist is your best resource for advice about medication. After going over your symptoms, your pharmacist will suggest the best treatment for your health condition or refer you to your doctor as needed. Your pharmacist can help you choose safe medications for you and your baby, including over-the-counter medications and natural health products. Pharmacists are your partners in health, so don’t hesitate to use their services to stay healthy until the big day!