Your pharmacist is your partner in health

Your pharmacist has always been your partner in health. However, since 2015, Quebec pharmacists have been able to do even more to meet your health needs. In fact, pharmacists can now perform the following services :

  • Renew a prescription when it expires.
  • Prescribe a medication for minor health ailments when the diagnosis and treatment are known.
  • Prescribe a medication for conditions that don't need a diagnosis.
  • Adjust your medication to ensure your safety or meet the treatment goals established with your doctor.
  • Substitute the prescribed medication, if unavailable, with an equivalent medication.
  • Prescribe blood tests to monitor your medication.
  • Administer a medication to show you how to use it.

Consultation fees may be charged for some of these services. If covered, these costs will be reimbursed by your drug insurance plan. Talk to your pharmacist to learn more.