Your medication expert

Pharmacists are health care professionals who are experts in prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. During their extensive education, they are trained on diseases, symptoms, treatment, and signs that require an appointment with a doctor. Pharmacists also have excellent knowledge of natural health products. Your pharmacist puts all of this knowledge at your service.

Prescription medication

Before filling your  prescription, your pharmacist will first make sure that the medication is right for you. First, the pharmacist will review your record and the information you provide to:

  • Confirm that the prescribed medication is appropriate for the health problem or medical condition that you want to treat.
  • Check that the dose is right for you, e.g., based on your weight and kidney health.
  • Rule out any contraindications or interactions between the prescribed medication and any medication that you’re already taking.

After preparing your medication , your pharmacist will take some time to tell you about the best way to use the product by giving you the following information:

  • When and how you should take your medication.
  • The benefits of the drug.
  • When you should start feeling better.
  • Possible side effects and what to do if they occur.

Once you get your medication, the role of your pharmacist doesn’t stop there. Your pharmacist will also follow up with you, either by phone or when you renew your prescription, to see how your prescription is meeting your needs.

  • Your pharmacist will ask if your medication has been effective, if you're tolerating it, and if you’re managing to take it as recommended.
  • Your pharmacist may also suggest a complementary treatment to prevent side effects.
  • In collaboration with your doctor, your pharmacist may adjust your prescription.
  • Your pharmacist will also ensure that you aren’t taking any drugs that you no longer need to take.
  • Your pharmacist may also recommend a medication or refer you to a health care professional who can give you the help you need.

OTC medications and natural health products

Whenever you’re thinking about taking on OTC medication or natural health product , talk to your pharmacist first. These products can have side effects, can interact with your existing medication, or be contraindicated in your case. Your pharmacist is the best health care professional to help you make an informed choice.