Obtaining a PROXIM Privilege card

Obtaining a PROXIM PRIVILÈGE card is easy. You simply ask for it at a participating branch. You will then fill a short form and immediately receive your card. You can start accumulating PROXIM dollars at once!

The PROXIM Privilège card loyalty program is free. 


Pay with your PROXIM dollars

Use your PROXIM dollars at any time, whenever you pay your purchases at PROXIM. And remember, each PROXIM dollar is worth $1 Canadian dollar, an exceptional offer!

Program rules

Accumulate more PROXIM dollars

$1 PROXIM = Canadian $1

* Before taxes. The PROXIM Privilège card will not be accepted when purchasing prescription or over-the-counter drugs, products identified by the Pharmacy Act, lottery tickets, public transit fares, Canada Post products and prepaid products such as gift cards.

We want to show our gratitude for your loyalty by offering you the PROXIM Privilège card allowing you to accumulate and redeem PROXIM dollars with all your purchases in our participating establishments. 

Click here to find the participating branch nearest you.