• A blush brush is without doubt the most popular type of brush. With a domed shape and angled sides, this brush is ideal for applying blush on the cheekbones and then blending makeup and contouring your face.
  • A Kabuki brush has a round top and a short handle. This brush lets you quickly and easily powder your face to get a matte look or achieve a uniform complexion. This brush is also perfect for applying mineral powders.
  • A bronzer brush is more compact and has fuller bristles than a blush brush. You can use the round head to apply bronzer over your face, shoulders and cleavage for a sun-kissed look.
  • A foundation brush has a flat end and dense and silky bristles. This brush is perfect for applying cream or liquid foundation and leaves a velvety finish over your entire face for a natural appearance.



  • A concealer brush has a fine and rounded tip that lets you apply a uniform layer of concealer or corrector to hide skin imperfections.
  • An eyeshadow brush has a rounded tip and is ideal for changing the intensity and depth of your look, either with specific colours or blending.
  • An eyeliner brush lets you draw a thin line along your upper eyelash line. Its rigid and angled shape gives you high precision to make a perfect contour of your eye.
  • A lip brush is great for getting that perfect lip. Its short and tapered bristles let you precisely apply gloss and lipstick.



You need to carefully clean your brushes with a special brush cleaner or a mild soap. This will keep your brushes in good condition for longer, which will help your skin stay healthy too.

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