Eye Makeup


Concealer is your ultimate weapon for hiding those tell-tale signs of fatigue or to camouflage imperfections. You can apply it under your usual foundation to improve your complexion. Many colours are available, and each has a different effect:
  • Green to hide redness.
  • Brown and ivory to correct or blend away dark circles.
  • Lilac to brighten.
  • Yellowish beige to hide veins under the eyes. 


Eye shadow

  • To highlight blue eyes, you can use a wide range of colours: brown, caramel, bronze, beige, coral, peach, apricot, purple or pink. Black eyeliner and mascara will set off your baby blues even more.  
  • To make your green eyes pop, choose shades of pink, purple, plum, burgundy, brown, beige or copper.
  • Brown eyes get sultry with metallics (such as gold, bronze or copper) and with shades of violet. Dark blue mascaras and eyeliners will also intensify your look.
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